Your tasks done in minutes

An all in one web app that let’s you organize your time and tasks in a single interface. No sign-ups, no fees, just focus on your work.

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A task list and a weekly planner

Set everything in place, organize it by day or week. No more forgoten tasks or schedule problems, get a quick view of the project and start working on key tasks.

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The visual timer

Quickly visualize the state of the timer, thanks to the changing font weight. You can also easily customize the minutes, the breaks and turns on the settings zone.

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Keep track of your work

We give you digested data to celebrate goals and put your progress on prespective

Accessible from any browser

The web app works on modern browsers and also offline. All the data is stored in the browser cache.

We do not collect any information nor track your work. Everything stays in your computer as it should.

hours worked screenshot
incense burnning

Don’t forget to take a break

Taking some time between taks can help improve your performance and stay mentally healthy. We’ll make sure you take your deserved pauses.

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